Travelling to Romania

Romania Travel Conditions

The non - EU citizens are allowed to enter in the Romanian territory, if they fulfill the following conditions:

  • they possess a valid document for crossing the state border, which is accepted by the Romanian state;
  • they possess a Romanian visa or a Romanian residence permit granted under the Romanian law or, if applicable, they have any authorization entitling the holder to transit or stay in Romania based on EU legislation, mandatory and applicable to Romania if, through international agreement, it wasn’t otherwise agreed;
  • they present documents justifying the purpose and conditions of their stay and they prove financial means both for maintenance during the stay, and for return to the country of origin or transit to another state where there is there is a certainty that the person will be allowed entry;
  • they provide guarantees that the person will be allowed entry the State of destination or that he/she will leave the territory of Romania, in case of foreigners in transit;
  • their names are not placed under alerts in the NISA system for the purpose of refusing the entry on the Romanian territory;
  • there are no alerts on their name in the Schengen Information System for the purpose of refusing the entry;
  • they do not endanger the national defense and security, public order, public health or ethics.

Short-stay visa

If you wish to travel to Romania for a short period of time and you are a citizen of a state which requires a visa, you must obtain a short-stay visa (symbol C). 

Short-stay visa allows you to request entry on the Romanian territory for reasons other than immigration, for a continuous stay or for several stays whose duration should not exceed 90 days within any period of 180 days preceding each day of stay in Romania. This type of visa can be issued with one or more entries.

The travel document in which the visa is to be applied must meet the following criteria:

  • it’s validity must exceed the validity of the requested visa by at least 3 months,
  • it must have been issued in the last 10 years.

For some of the countries whose citizens need a visa to enter Romania, it is required to get an invitation approved by the General Inspectorate for Immigration.

The invitation can be made by an individual or a company, Romanian or foreign citizen residing in Romania.

Short-stay visa entitles you to visit Romania for a limited time and cannot be extended. If you want to stay for a longer period of time in Romania, you must obtain a long-stay visa and subsequently a residence permit in Romania.

The short stay visa is obtained by Romanian diplomatic missions and consular offices.

The right to stay in Romania, based on the short-stay visa cannot be extended. However, if for objective reasons, you cannot leave Romania within the validity of the given visa, you can get a return decision from the territorial units of the General Inspectorate for Immigration.

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