Registering the residence on the territory of Romania for the citizens of EU / EEA / SWISS CONFEDERATION


Citizens of the European Union countries, European Economic Area or the Swiss Confederation who wish to stay for more than 3 months on the territory of Romania, must register their residence.

The documents issued by the Romanian state that certify the residence in Romania are: registration certificate (for EU / EEA / Swiss Confederation citizens), residence card (for family members of EU / EEA / Swiss Confederation citizens), and permanent residence card (both for EU / EEA / Swiss Confederation citizens and their family members).

EU / EEA / Swiss Confederation citizens and their family members may work on the territory of Romania under the same conditions as Romanian citizens (based on an employment contract, permit, etc.). As well as they can purchase real estate property.

In order to obtain a certificate of registration/book residency are required a number of documents which vary depending on the purpose of stay in Romania. You need to perform an activity on the territory of the country, namely: employment, detach, commercial activities,economic activities, professional activities, volunteering, study. Another situation of acquiring the certificate of residency is to be a member of the family(mom, dad, brother, sister) or partners and persons in maintenance.

The registration certificate is valid for a period of up to 5 years, and not less than one year.

The residence card is the identity document that is issued to family members of EU citizens within 90 days starting form submit of the documents. The validity of a residence card extends up to 5 years from the issuing date, but not exceeding the residence period of the EU / EEA / Swiss Confederation citizens of which the applicant is a family member. In case of subsequent applications, the residence card shall be issued no later than 30 days from the applications submit date.

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